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Water Softener Installation in Central Florida

Water Softener Experts

Almost 90 percent of American homes have hard water according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS)*. Florida is considered to have some of the hardest water in the USA, the Tampa Area ranks in the top 6. There is also a growing concern about the purity and the safety of their drinking water, if you would like to put a rest to these worries First Quality Plumber can help you.

What is hard water and how does it affect me?

When water moves through soil and rock, it dissolves very small amounts of minerals and holds them inside the solution. The two most common minerals calcium and magnesium make the water “hard.” The greater the calcium and magnesium content the harder the water becomes and while it is not dangerous it can be a nuisance.

Hard water affects almost every cleaning task from dishwashing to laundry to personal grooming. Items washed in hard water may feel harsh, scratchy, and run-down, also dishes and glasses may be spotty when dry. If you ever wondered why your shower walls, glass shower doors, shower walls, bathtubs, faucets, and sinks have a film, the cause is probably from hard water. Personal grooming such as hair washing or shaving can feel sticky and cause the hair to look dull.

The quick but not easy solution would be to continually clean all the residue where the water touches but usually, the film makes it difficult. Some detergents and cleaning products combined with hard water are less effective because the active ingredient is partially deactivated by hardness, even though the substance looks dissolved. Hard water could be also at fault for higher utility bills because it contributes to the inefficient and costly operation of water-using appliances.

The Benefits of Softened Water

Not only will the water quality go up but there are countless advantages to having a water softener applied at your home, such as:

  • Hot water systems can be 75% more efficient
  • No more scale buildup in pipes
  • Less time cleaning your sinks, tubs, faucets, etc
  • Rich lather from very little soap, shampoos, detergents, etc
  • Less damage to your body after showers or washing dishes

If you are ready to bring a new shine and feel to your house and body, contact First Quality Plumbing for a free water evaluation and installation of a water softener at 321.253.3939

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