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Slab Leak Experts in Orlando, FL

Many people come and go out of the Orlando city as it is the 4th most popular American city based on where people want to live according to a 2009 Pew Research Center study. Most of the homes are build on large concrete slabs and can be damaged or corroded over time.

Homes are built on large concrete slabs that lay directly on the property’s land. Most home plumbings systems are constructed to run beneath these concrete slabs. The plumbing systems are mainly made of copper pipes and thought to be very high quality and reliability, but they still have the potential to leak. Corrosion, abrasion, shifting ground or the city changing the purification system can all lead to slab leaks. First Quality’s plumbers are experts in emergency slab leak detection and will fix the issue with minimal changes to your schedule.

If you suspect you may have a slab leak at your house, here is a checklist of possible signs:

  • Mildew, mildew or water beneath the floor, cracks in tile floors and bubbles found on linoleum floors can be indicators of a leaking slab.
  • Warm floor, if for some reason the floor seems warm in one specific area there could be hot water leaking beneath the slab.
  • Low water pressure, low water pressure can indicate the water that should be coming out of your faucets is instead leaking into your slab.
  • Wall Cracks, if you find a crack in house’s walls — particularly in the garage — there is potential for a leak causing the slab to shift.

A leaking slab can seem overwhelming at first, but with First Quality it’ll be fixed in no time. Once the slab leak is detected there are a few possible solutions. If there is a pipe leaking, our experts will access the line through the slab to repair it. In most cases a new pipe is put through the house’s framework as it doesn’t require floor removal or slab penetration. Sometimes epoxy can be applied to the pipe’s interior to stop and prevent any leaks from the future.

If you notice any of those possible causes for slab leaks but still need a free second opinion, First Quality team members are experts in emergency slab leak detection. Contact us at 407-826-4062