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Garbage Disposal Services in Orange City, FL

Has your garbage disposal seen better days? Ready to upgrade? First Quality Plumbers can assist you as they are garbage disposal experts. There are many advantages to owning a garbage disposal such as eliminating odorous food waste and providing an efficient way to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

The two main options for garbage disposals are continuous feed and batch feed.

  • Continuous feed disposals run from the second the power switch is activated. The advantage of continuous feed is the large amounts of waste they can handle. They are also less expensive than batch feed disposals. The downside is safety. When the motor runs you should watch your fingers. Also, water usage comes into play as manufacturers recommend running cold water while running the disposal.
  • A batch feed disposal, grinds waste up in batches, like the name implies. The benefits are that batch feed disposals are typically covered and cannot be powered on when open. The disadvantage is the small amounts of waste they can handle. Also, you must grind the food quickly, as once the unit is closed, the food waste can rot if it is left unprocessed.

The cost, amount of waste and safety are the important factors in choosing a garbage disposal. If you need help or have any questions, contact First Quality Plumbing at 386-775-0909 for a free estimate.