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Garbage Disposal Repair in Orlando

Garbage Disposal Solutions in Orlando, FL

Are you experiencing difficulties with your existing garbage disposal or contemplating the installation of a new one? Turn to First Quality Plumbing, your reliable experts for garbage disposal repairs and residential plumbing services in Orlando.

Garbage disposals bring forth numerous benefits, eradicating unpleasant odors from your waste bin and presenting a convenient and effective way to uphold a pristine kitchen.

There are two main categories of garbage disposals: continuous feed and batch feed.

  • Continuous feed garbage disposals operate uninterruptedly from the moment they are switched on. These disposals are excellent if you produce a substantial amount of waste during food preparation, allowing you to discard scraps as you cook. They are a cost-effective choice compared to batch feed disposals. Nevertheless, exercising caution is imperative due to safety concerns — the motor remains active, so always be mindful of your fingers. Additionally, consider water usage, as many manufacturers recommend using cold water when activating the disposal.
  • On the flip side, batch-feed garbage disposals grind waste in separate batches. These disposals are well-suited for handling smaller amounts of waste and provide a safer option, requiring you to fill the chamber before powering it on. While not as suitable for households with extensive waste, it is crucial to refrain from leaving food in the chamber to avoid potential health hazards associated with rotting food. Rely on First Quality for all your garbage disposal needs, ensuring a kitchen environment that is both clean and efficient.

The biggest factors with deciding a garbage disposal are the amount of waste, safety and money, if you need additional help or have questions feel free to contact us at 407.826.4062 for a free estimate.

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