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Garbage Disposal Repair in Central Florida

Garbage Disposal Services

Is your garbage disposal not working as well as it used to? Are you ready to install a new one? First Quality plumbers are garbage disposal repair experts and are your residential plumbing needs. They eliminate smelly food from the trash can and provide an easy and more efficient way to clean up your kitchen.

There are two main types of garbage disposals, a continuous feed, and a batch feed.

  • Continuous batch garbage disposal continues to run from the moment you switch the power on. These disposals are ideal if you have a large amount of waste to grind up, you can throw away food as you cook without repercussions and they are cheaper than the batch feed disposals. The cons are the safety issue — the motor will continue to run so always be careful with your fingers, also water usage can be a slight issue as many manufacturers recommend running cold water as you turn on the disposal.
  • With a batch feed garbage disposal, the waste gets ground up in batches. These disposals are best for small amounts of waste and are a safer option because you need to fill the chamber to turn the power on. These disposals are not as optimal for households with large amounts of waste, and it might be tempting to leave food in the chamber and grind it later, but rotting food can have health hazards.

The biggest factors when selecting a garbage disposal include waste amount, safety features, and cost. If you need additional help or have questions feel free to contact us at 321.253.3939 for a free estimate.

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